Apogee Aircraft Services


Certified Cirrus Training Center (CTC)
Apogee's training center provides students with the utmost elite experience, comprising of safety and efficiency, along with well supported knowledge.
Our Instructors are highly qualified with CFI, CFII, MEI and CSIP Ratings. 

Bases: Oakland International Airport (KPTK) & Oakland Troy Airport (KVLL)
We Service Surrounding Airports (Detroit City DET, Port Huron PHN, Troy VLL, etc)
in 8 Days!
ONLY $11,995
Includes: SR20, Fuel, SIM, Pilot

​​​​ Want to learn to fly? Get your Private Pilot's License with us! The training with Apogee Aircraft Services is unlike flight training you will receive at other flight schools. We offer an elite experience, with professional flight instructors that have been personally trained and evaluated by Cirrus Aircraft specialists. Our 2016 SR20 aircraft holds an advanced glass cockpit, preier safety features and the exclusive Cirrus Aircraft Parachute System (CAPS).
Our DCX MAX Motion SIM is G1000 equipped and ready for IFR Ratings, IFR Recurrency, Private Pilot Training, King Air Recurrent Training and PC12 Recurrent Training.  We are now offering a Winter Special IFR Intensive Training Package for $11,995! This price includes the SR20 Aircraft, Fuel, DCX Max, and CFII Pilot! Take advantage of this special deal! 
*Package does not include checkride or materials.
Destination Training? Florida for the winter? Northern Michigan in the summer? Wherever you are, we can come to you! We will bring the plane and do an Intensive Training Course customized for you. Private and IFR Intensive Courses are Available. Sample Package: $12,995 for the Ferry, 20 hours in our SR20, Fuel, Pilot and Expenses. *Package does not include checkride, materials or airport fees (if any).
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Flight Train with a highly qualified
Flight Instructor in Our Aircraft or Your Own!

Not at KPTK? We can bring the aircraft to the airport most convenient to you!

Rent a 2016 Cirrus SR20: $280*/hour (plus 6% use tax)
Instructor Rate: $95/hour

Rent a 2016/2017 Cirrus SR22: $425*/hour (plus 6% use tax)

Rent a 2017/2018 Cirrus Turbo SR22T: $450*/hour (plus 6% use tax)

Rent a 2018 Diamond DA-62: $700*/hour (plus 6% use tax)

Transition training in an SR22 is also available. Please contact us for pricing.

*Pilot rates for non-Cirrus aircraft may vary
*special requests for owner or chief pilot are subject to higher rate

*All aircraft rates are dry rates
(include oil, not fuel)
Current Fuel Rate for SR20: $75/hour
Fuel rate is subject to change.
Updated 5/6/19.

  Cirrus integrates safety features throughout its aircraft in a number of ways. Collectively, the synthetic vision technology,

active traffic information and on-board XM weather help maximize a safe and a comfortable flight experience.

   The Cirrus Airframe Parachute System is available for emergency landing, topped with a crashworthy design,

separating itself from any other aircraft. Needless to say, Cirrus is our top choice for safety in an aircraft. 

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