Apogee Aircraft Services

Safety and Ease of Mind.
Those are our priorities.

Let us get you to your destination safely and comfortably. Our highly qualified professional team of pilots will handle all

the pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight planning and arrangements.

Personal touches added to each flight.

Sit back and enjoy the flight while our pilots handle the work. 


Let an Apogee Air pilot join you on your flight in either a single or dual pilot aircraft. Even if it's a single pilot aircraft, you may gain useful tools or just simply lessen the work load by partnering up with one of our Instructor Pilots. 

Need a pilot to get you to your destination? Whether you are not ready to solo or just prefer to have a pilot do the flying while you sit back and relax, Apogee Air can arrange it.


Apogee's Instructor Pilots are highly qualified with CFI, CFII and CSIP. Instructor Pilots are available for hire at an hourly or daily rate. See below for details.


Just buy a plane? Our pilots can ferry your plane for you from the factory! Maybe you need your plane to fly empty to a destination for some reason or another. we can offer you a single pilot to fly it. 

We can customize a package or you can take advantage of hourly/daily rates.
$85/hr for CFI/ CFII instructor
$600/day for management clients
$650/day for non-management clients

*Pilot rates for non-Cirrus aircraft may vary
*Special requests for owner or chief pilot are subject to higher rate
Apogee Air